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Meastelo is an ambitious and fast-growing company with headquarters located in Ireland. We import and sell green coffee from the south-eastern region of Brazil called Minas Gerais. With very good position on the coffee market we always offer excellent quality and the best prices. In our offer you’ll find main types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. Since May 2015 we also started roasting our coffee. Because as a company we want to meet customer expectations, we decided to focus on the top of Brazilian Arabica – Santos fine cup.
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Meastelo Brazilian coffee

About Us


Meastelo is an independent, ambitious and fast-growing company with headquarters located in Ireland.
Previously only working with the import and sale of green coffee beans from southeastern Brazil, from the oldest and the most famous coffee producing region: Sao Paulo state.
Since May 2015, we also introduced our roasted coffee beans, aiming to satisfy our customers needs and expectation. So we offer the best selected Arabica Santos ‘Fancy’ Fine cup which satisfies the taste buds of the coffee connoisseur.
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