Professional coffee machines

professional coffee machines

Meastelo offers a broad range of professional coffee machines

for rent or purchase to a wide different types of business. We provide equipment for food service customers.

We advise and select coffee machines.
We make sure that we provide the best quality products the are tailored to the needs of our customers.


Our offer

Appia Life is the next generation of the most reliable coffee machine in a history. Simple in maintenance, trustworthy, powerful and energy saving.
Appia Life is perfect for medium volume cafes and restaurants.

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Appia Life Compact combines all the features of its bigger sister Appia Life, with a smaller footprint of just 55cm by 55cm.
It is the next generation of the most reliable coffee machines in a history.

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If you are owner of:

cafe/coffee shop




you provide catering services

We can provide you the highest quality coffee machines.

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We’ll learn more about your needs, then recommend you machine and service package that suits you best.




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