For years, we have been taking care of people at parties in Dublin, providing them with Meastelo coffee full of flavor and aroma. We are distinguished by our versatility:

  1. We’ll come to you
  2. We’ll provide service to your guests by serving them delicious drinks
  3. We’ll make coffee with caffeine and no caffeine, tea and perfect hot chocolate
  4. We’ll do it at your festival, sports event, fun day, corporate event, fair day, store opening or wedding – wherever you want
  5. We have tables, chairs, full equipment, you don’t have to worry about anything

Welcome in our world of Brazilian coffee


We’ll do it our way, but I can promise we’ll do it brilliantly

Beautifully coffee trailer, ready for:

  • coffee cart at weddings or gatherings,
  • lovely addition to a hotel, restaurant or bar.
  • outdoor socializing: markets, grand openings other functions.

Provide your guests with complete freedom and a sense of security.

With its eye catching design, vintage look our coffee trailer is a fantastic tourist & event attraction.

Our coffee

The coffee we serve is the most famous of the first coffees grown in Brazil, known as the “Queen of Coffee”, Santos Fine Cup and considered the best variety of Arabica.

Meastelo coffee is produced weekly by a family of small artisanal roasteries in small batches.

The coffee beans are ground just before serving. Always fresh and ground coffee beans on site ensure the best coffee available.

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