Electronic coffee grinder – Mythos 1

Absolutely legendary grinder, known for reliability, power and consistency.

Designed by Baristas for Baristas. Made for high volume cafes and restaurants.

Mythos 1 is an on-demand grinder that focuses on two technologies able to improve the extraction quality of the coffee. It is extremely precise, pays attention to not produce excess waste, is acoustically comfortable, and is simple to use.

Mythos 1 is incomparable for its innovative Clima Pro technology and Clump Crush system. They are both functional methods that guarantee a constant dose regulating the outflow and raise the quality of the extracted coffee.

The burrs temperature has a substantial impact on the consistency of the dose. With the innovative technology Clima Pro, Nuova Simonelli introduced in the Mythos 1 a smart system of the grinding chamber able to guarantee the dose consistency and especially improve the quality of the extracted coffee. 

The innovative system Clump Crusher guarantees the regular outflow of any coffee without creating clumps. It also avoids the formation of static electricity of the ground coffee particles.

The nanotech approach allows the modification of the molecular 

characteristics of the stainless steel and titanium, ensuring maximum hygiene and simplifying the cleaning procedure. It also impacts the duration of the burrs itself, guaranteeing high performance and reliability.

This characteristic makes the grinder even more silent. It zeroes the  unwanted and continuous sounds and guarantees a comfortable  ambiance for the coffee shop and its customers.

Dimensions w x d x h (mm)  188 x 400 x 510
Power (watts) 800
Power requirements 1 x 230Vac 13A standard 3-pin socket

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