Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee

Irish weather is absolutely unpredictable. While world is locked down in homes caused of Covid-19 pandemic we have most beautiful spring in years. Temperatures are hitting even 20 degrees and as we are getting lazy some cold coffee would be a treat.

There is few methods of having your morning caffeine cold, but today I’d like to tell you about probably easiest one and definitely most interesting method to make yourself iced coffee at home. Overnight.

Cold brew is a very popular drink in US, in Ireland every year it has more new dedicated drinkers. Why it is so different? Well, first of all we do not need hot water to brew it. Simplest cold brew is just a ground coffee immersed in ice cold water and left overnight in a fridge. So instead of heat we use time to get rich flavour.  Also because of that, final product is way less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee, so it is healthier for people with digestive problems and for all those who not really appreciate sourness in their coffee. This method also won’t extract bitterness into the drink. So after all we get pretty intense, however naturally sweet cold coffee we don’t need to dilute with ice, as we’d have to with for example iced americano. Therefore there is no need to sweeten up cold brew as much as regular coffee which makes it healthier.

As we won’t use hot water for it it is more than likely cold brew will contain more antioxidants than a normal one and even more, it definitely contain more caffeine (due to longer brewing time) so it helps you burn fat, just have a glass of it after workout!

And let’s not forget… it looks like whiskey!

So how to do it?

You can use your good old coffee press most of us have at home. Use your favourite Meastelo coffee. Just ask for French Press ground coffee (it will be just perfect) or if you use your own grinder, try to match coarse sea salt size. As always most important are proportions! Golden ratio is 60g of coffee per liter of water. Downsize it when needed, so if you have only half liter press use 30g of coffee. That would be roughly 4 table spoons. Place coffee in your press, cover it with cold water. Don’t place plunger just yet! We will need it for the morning! Cover vessel with a cling film and leave in a fridge overnight! That’s it! Well, almost. In the morning you just need to place plunger in a place and very slowly filter grounds from the drink. It should be as easy as coffee should already fall down to the bottom. Try not to disturb them. Decant the drink to another vessel and it’s ready to go. You can store cold brew in your fridge for minimum a week!

Enjoy it on the rocks, on its own or with a dash of milk. Add some sirup, or maybe some vanilla ice cream? You are the creator and cold brew tastes great in every way.


Just be careful. It taste so fresh and funky but it is still coffee and it still contains caffeine. Remember about it! Drink responsibly.


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  • Greg

    well i guess , I’ve learned today something new today 🙂 nice topic , thank you for explanation, when it will be warmer i will definitely try 🙂


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