Green coffee roasted at home? Your perfect coffee taste!

Green coffee roasted at home? Your perfect coffee taste!

Few people imagine that they have to brew coffee before they grind and brew it. Even fewer people know that roasting coffee at home is possible. At the beginning of the 20th century it was obvious, now it is a hobby for the chosen. Roasting coffee at home is not very difficult and you get more than you think!

Why make coffee yourself?

You will think “why roast coffee when I can buy perfect beans in a store?” And why bake your own bread, since there is plenty of it in the bakery or make jam when you find dozens of different flavors on store shelves? The answer is very simple. What you can do yourself gives a lot of satisfaction and besides it tastes much better.

It is the same with roasting coffee at home. When you roast coffee yourself, you feel that the brew has been made entirely thanks to you. But it is not everything. Homemade coffee roasting also has other advantages. First of all, it’s always fresh coffee. When you buy already roasted coffee, unfortunately, it quickly loses its aroma and does not taste as good as immediately after roasting. Therefore, if you smoke coffee just before brewing, you know that your coffee will taste as it should.

How to make green coffee?

Self-brewing green coffee at home is possible even without special devices. We recommend roasting coffee in the oven or in the pan. Do not be discouraged if you do not achieve the planned result during the first coffee roasting. Coffee roasting needs to be learned. And remember! Practice makes perfect.

How to roast green coffee in the oven?

  1. Preheat the oven to 190-200 Celsius.
  2. Distribute the green coffee beans evenly on a clean baking tray. Each of the coffee beans should touch the baking tray directly. The beans should not be on top of each other. The beans grow larger as they roast, although their weight decreases. When breaking down grains, remember that.
  3. Firing lasts from 10-20 minutes, depending on the type of coffee and the degree of burning you want to achieve.
  4. After firing for about 10 minutes, turn the beans over.
  5. After obtaining the desired color, pull out the baking tray and quickly cool the coffee by pouring it into a cold container, stirring constantly.
    IMPORTANT! When roasting coffee, do not open the oven too often so that it does not lose heat.

How to roast green coffee in a pan?

  1. Heat the pan to 190-200 degrees Celsius.
  2. Pour a small amount of green coffee beans and distribute them evenly in the pan.
  3. Stir the coffee constantly during roasting so that the beans are evenly roasted
  4. After about 5-7 minutes of firing, the first sound of cracking grains appears and steam appears.
  5. After about another 20 minutes, you can remove the pan from the heat.
  6. After removing, pour the beans into a cold container while stirring constantly to speed up the cooling process.
    IMPORTANT! Some coffees can evaporate strongly, so while roasting coffee, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation in the kitchen.

The roasting time itself is relative and depends on the type of coffee we are roasting and the degree of roasting we want to achieve.

Freshly roasted coffee reaches its optimal taste 24 hours after roasting for no more than 14 days.

Good luck!

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