How to prepare a delicious cup of coffee?

How to prepare a delicious cup of coffee?

How to prepare coffee?

Brewing coffee is a ceremony. Did you ever realised how you brew your coffee? Is pouring water into a cup with coffee in it the way to make the most of it? See for yourself…

How to prepare a coffee?

Turkish coffee

It is the oldest way of brewing coffee, however not the same as we typically make at home.

Preparation: to a brass pot with a long handle (ibrik) add fine coffee, sugar and cold water. Heat it up until it boils. Then take it off the fire and drip cold water over it so coffee grounds start to sink. Repeat it three times. Now you can pour coffee to small cups and enjoy its strong aroma.

Proportions: two tea spoons per cup and tea spoon of sugar if desired.

Coffee from the pot

It is also one of the oldest brewing method, known to our grandmothers.

Preparation: grind beans to medium coarse and put to a preheated pot. Add 1/3 of boiling water. Heat it so coffee grounds float. Now you can add the rest of boiling water and take it of the stove. Let it rest for a while.


Coffee brewed this way, without oxygen, keeps its original flavour, aroma and is very strong. It’s an alternative for those who value deep aroma and don’t own coffee machine.

Preparation: Fill the bottom part with water, place filter with fine coffee and replace lid. Steam from heated water is thrust through filter and coffee grounds and liquefies in the upper part of cafetiere. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Coffee machine

Automatic machine to make coffee called coffee maker, is the most convenient way to make coffee. The whole idea is narrowed down to placing filter, adding water and coffee. Brewing time and water temperature is determined by machine. After few minutes you will have a clear liquid with little amount of coffee grounds. Modern coffee machines are equipped with electronic panels which allow you to brew a tasty, aromatic coffee just by pressing one button.

Remember to clean your machine after 40-50 brewings, otherwise coffee dregs will affect the taste and coffee will become unpalatable.

How to properly grind coffee?

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